CAN-8 Instructions


Technical Requirements

Download and install CAN 8


Testing Before you start your exercises

Various examples

Getting technical help in case of problems

Dictées progressives, part 1

Dictées progressives, part 2



Level 1 computer

You are responsible for your own work.  Since this system is SERVER based, your work will continuously be saved if you can SEE it being done as you go.  If you work from home, you must maintain checks on your own work and report any problems to C-405 as soon as possible

Test your work by doing two different kinds of exercises in French.  Please note that if you are a supposed to do a Dictée progressive, please go directly here

If you believe your computer is a level 1 computer and you wish to do recording exercises, select an Imitez exercise.

Click record and speak into the microphone.  If you do not see a Green Sound Graph as indicated on the image to the right, your voice is not being recorded!

If your voice is not being recorded you must adjust the volume control of your microphone by double-clicking on the little speaker icon next to your computer clock.

Level 2 computer

Please note that if you are a supposed to do a Dictée progressive, please go directly here

If you do not expect to be able to record your voice but would like to do the written exercises, please select a Choisissez exercise.

If, when you click on the exercise, you do not hear anything, please adjust your computer volume.  If that does not work, your computer is not able to run CAN-8

If you see an hourglass that never goes away, your firewall has not been configured correctly.

If you hear the appropriate audio, answer the question and click NEXT.  If you get feedback from the system, your computer passes the test and you may do all of the non-oral exercises.