CAN-8 Instructions


Technical Requirements

Download and install CAN 8


Testing Before you start your exercises

Various examples

Getting technical help in case of problems

Dictées progressives, part 1

Dictées progressives, part 2


Dictées progressives

Depending on your French level, you may be required to do a variety Dictées progressives.  (Your teacher will tell you which ones, if any)

We are currently launching a project to use the CAN 8 system rather than our current system for the dictées.

If your teacher has not informed you of the availability of this system it will not work

Students that do the Dictées will not have received an instructional demonstration class in CAN-8 so it will be important to follow the instructions below precisely

  1. If you are doing your dictées from the lab, simply follow the instructions below.  If you are doing them from home, please make sure that you follow the download and instructions here and then return to this page to learn how to do them.  Also, please make sure your computer meets level 2 requirements
  2. Double click on the CAN 8 icon on your desktop or on the computers in C-409
  3. Log in to the system.  Your user name is your student number and your password is your section number.
  4. Follow the images on the right, clicking on French, Dictées Progressives, and then your section and teacher.
Click on Dictées progressives
Click on your teacher and section number
You may click on the word Consignes from within the program for other instructions

Click on the Dictée that you need to do.

Click Here to Continue the instructions in dictées progressives part 2

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