CAN-8 Instructions


Technical Requirements

Download and install CAN 8


Testing Before you start your exercises

Various examples

Getting technical help in case of problems

Dictées progressives, part 1

Dictées progressives, part 2


Dictées progressives, part 2

Make sure your headset is on or your speakers are turned up.

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks!  If you get behind, you may press PAUSE to pause the audio.  To listen again, please click Example.



To write an accent, first write the letter that you want to put an accent on and then, with your mouse, Right-click on the letter and choose from the menu
When you are finished, you must click NEXT.  The system will either say, Correct! if you have answered everything properly or will show you your wrong answers.  You must go back into the dictée you were working on to correct your mistakes.  If they are not corrected you will not receive marks from your teacher.

Notice that the Dictée 1 is in red.  This means that you need to go back in and fix your mistakes. If it is in green, it does not need to be fixed.  If you go back in a second time and click NEXT without actually changing anything, you will not be shown your mistakes.  You need to change something in your answer.

All your work is saved as you go.  Please click EXIT when you are done.

If you have any problems, see the technician in C-405.