CAN-8 Instructions


Technical Requirements

Download and install CAN 8


Testing Before you start your exercises

Various examples

Getting technical help in case of problems

Dictées progressives, part 1

Dictées progressives, part 2


What is CAN 8?

Can 8 is a network-based interactive multimedia learning program.  It replaces audio-labs by allowing students to listen, record, and then hear their own sentences.  It provides instant feedback!

The French Department at Vanier College has been using CAN-8 extensively for students in several different levels.   The oral and written exercises correspond exactly to what the students learn in class and are an important part of the learning process.

Up until now, the CLEO lab (Centre de langue érite et orale) has been the only place that students can do their exercises but the three following important factors have contributed to its being made available for students and teachers to do their work at home:

  • CAN-8 exercises are being created for Modern Languages
  • The hybrid-learning pilot project, "Operation-Online," will use it extensively
  • Working at home allows for a greater degree of flexibility for our students


How do I Work with CAN 8 from Home?

VERY IMPORTANT: Your French exercises are required whether or not you can get it to work at home.  C-409 is available from 9:00AM to 5:00PM every day from Monday to Friday. 

There are a series of steps to follow.  Please follow the steps by visiting each of the following pages.

  1. Technical Requirements
  2. Download and install CAN 8
  3. Logging-in
  4. Testing Before you start your exercises
  5. Various examples
  6. Getting technical help in case of problems

How do I do Dictées progressives?

If you plan on doing the exercises in the CLÉO lab, click here for instructions.

Once you have downloaded and installed CAN-8, please click here or click on the bottom-left menu item.